Here you can find a list of research papers, book chapters, outreach articles and other publications and outputs from my research.

I strive to keep my work open access, but if you can’t access any of my articles, please drop me a line and I’ll be happy to share it with you.

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Research papers, reviews and book chapters

Martín-Durán JM, Vellutini BC, Marlétaz F, Cetrangolo V, Cvetesic N, Thiel D, Henriet S, Grau-Bové X, Carrillo-Baltodano AM, Gu W, Kerbl A, Marquez Y, Bekkouche N, Chourrout D, Gómez-Skarmeta JL, Irimia M, Lenhard B, Worsaae K & Hejnol A (2020). Conservative route to genome compaction in a miniature annelid. Nature Ecology & Evolution. [pdf, url]

Vellutini BC (2020). Segmental Traits in Non-Segmented Bilaterians. In Cellular Processes in Segmentation (ed. Chipman, A. D.), pp. 205–254. CRC Press. [pdf]

Hogvall M, Vellutini BC, Martín-Durán JM, Hejnol A, Budd GE and Janssen R (2019). Embryonic expression of priapulid Wnt genesDev. Genes Evol. [pdf, url]

Martín-Durán JM and Vellutini BC (2019). Introduction: Young Approaches to Animal Evolution. In Old Questions and Young Approaches to Animal Evolution (ed. Martín-Durán, J. M.) and Vellutini, B. C.), pp. 1–12. Cham: Springer International Publishing. [pdf, url]

Martín-Durán JM and Vellutini BC eds. (2019). Old Questions and Young Approaches to Animal Evolution. Springer, Cham. [url]

Vellutini BC, Martín-Durán JM and Hejnol A (2017). Cleavage modification did not alter blastomere fates during bryozoan evolutionBMC Biol. 15, 33. [pdf, url]

Hejnol A and Vellutini BC (2017). Larval Evolution: I’ll Tail You Later…Curr. Biol. 27, R21–R24. [pdf, url]

Martín-Durán JM, Ryan JF, Vellutini BC, Pang K and Hejnol A (2017). Increased taxon sampling reveals thousands of hidden orthologs in flatwormsGenome Res. 27, 1263–1272. [pdf, url]

Schiemann SM, Martín-Durán JM, Børve A, Vellutini BC, Passamaneck YJ and Hejnol A (2017). Clustered brachiopod Hox genes are not expressed collinearly and are associated with lophotrochozoan noveltiesProc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U. S. A. 114, E1913–E1922. [pdf, url]

Martín-Durán JM, Vellutini BC and Hejnol A (2016). Embryonic chirality and the evolution of spiralian left-right asymmetries. Philos. Trans. R. Soc. Lond. B Biol. Sci. 371, 20150411. [pdf, url]

Cannon JT, Vellutini BC, Smith J 3rd, Ronquist F, Jondelius U and Hejnol A (2016). Xenacoelomorpha is the sister group to NephrozoaNature 530, 89–93. [pdf, suppl, url]

Vellutini BC and Hejnol A (2016). Expression of segment polarity genes in brachiopods supports a non-segmental ancestral role of engrailed for bilateriansSci. Rep. 6, 32387. [pdf, url]

Martín-Durán JM, Vellutini BC and Hejnol A (2015). Evolution and development of the adelphophagic, intracapsular Schmidt’s larva of the nemertean Lineus ruberEvodevo 6, 28. [pdf, url]

Silva JRMC da, Sinhorini IL, Jensch-Junior BE, Pressinotti LN, Vellutini BC and Borges JCS (2012). Splenomegaly in Antarctic fish Cabeçuda Notothenia coriiceps (Richardson, 1844)Brazilian Antarctic Research 5, 171–174. [pdf]

Vellutini BC and Migotto AE (2010). Embryonic, larval, and juvenile development of the sea biscuit Clypeaster subdepressus (Echinodermata: Clypeasteroida)PLoS One 5, e9654. [pdf, url]

Fukuzawa AH, Vellutini BC, Lorenzini DM, Silva PI Jr, Mortara RA, da Silva JMC and Daffre S (2008). The role of hemocytes in the immunity of the spider Acanthoscurria gomesianaDev. Comp. Immunol. 32, 716–725. [pdf, url]

Silva JRMC da, Vellutini BC, Porto-Neto LR, Pressinotti LN, Ramos MDC, Cooper EL, Hernandez-Blazquez FJ, Jensch-junior BE and Borges JCS (2007). Unspecific immune response of antarctic ectotermic animals under polar temperaturesOecol Aust 11, 110–121. [pdf, url]

Silva JRMC da, Cooper EL, Sinhorini IL, Borges JCS, Jensch-Junior BE, Porto-Neto LR, Hernandez-Blazquez FJ, Vellutini BC, Pressinotti LN and Costa-Pinto FA (2005). Microscopical study of experimental wound healing in Notothenia coriiceps (Cabeçuda) at 0 degrees CCell Tissue Res. 321, 401–410. [pdf, url]

Silva JRMC da, Sinhorini IL, Jensch-Junior BE, Porto-Neto LR, Hernadez-Blazquez FJ, Vellutini BC, Pressinotti LN, Pinto FAC, Cooper EL and Borges JCS (2004). Kinetics of induced wound repair at 0°C in the Antarctic fish (Cabeçuda) Notothenia coriicepsPolar Biol. 27, 458–465. [pdf, url]

Magazine articles and outreach

Migotto AE and Vellutini BC (2011). Cifonauta, um banco de imagens para a Biologia Marinha. Boletim Informativo da Associação Brasileira de Biologia Marinha 4, 7–12. [pdf]

Vellutini BC (2009). Bolacha no mar? Que história é essa? Ciência Hoje das Crianças 204, 8–11. [pdf]

Lindner A, Migotto AE, Vellutini BC and Silva-Neto ID (2008). Vida escondida. O Telescópio 17, 2–3. [pdf]