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A beautiful nemertean

The ribbon worm Tubulanus #WormWednesday #Nemertea

The nemertean Tubulanus.
Adult specimen of the nemertean Tubulanus annulatus collected in Norway.

By Bruno C. Vellutini

Evolutionary biologist interested in embryos and larvae of marine invertebrates.

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Hii!! Which microscope do u use for this works? I love so much this area, and i want to make one lab in my home..

Hi Caroline! In this particular image I was not using a microscope, but a Canon 5D camera with a good macro lens. These worms are not so tiny ;) For the other images here, I use Zeiss and Olympus stereo and compound microscopes from the laboratories I have worked, but they are a bit large for home use. But there are options for home scopes as well!


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