Observing a living embryo under the microscope is breathtaking.

In my research, I capture photos and videos of embryos developing from a single cell into fascinating creatures with sophisticated structures, organs and behavior. However, only a few photos are eventually published in research papers, while the vast majority stays lonely on the hard drives.

To explore the potential of these images to engage other scientists and non-scientists, I’ve been sharing this type of material online and exhibits for some years. Most photos/videos are available at:

For re-use simply follow the specified license (usually Creative Commons) or contact me. Below you can find a few highlights of this endeavor.

Cifonauta: marine biology image database

A metadata-driven database of photos and videos of the marine biodiversity. More than 12k files to explore! Link: http://cifonauta.cebimar.usp.br/

A sea biscuit’s life

Movie abstract I created for my master’s thesis.

Ocean: hidden life

An itinerant photographic exhibit showing corals, jellyfish and other marine creatures. Link: https://www.usp.br/cbm/oceano/