Science outreach

Observing a living embryo under the microscope is breathtaking. How does one organism with various parts, complex organs and behaviours builds itself from a single cell?

Second embryonic cell division in a sea biscuit embryo of the species Clypeaster subdepressus. Check out the entire video.

In my research, I capture photos and videos of developing embryos to understand how they work. However, only a few of these photos are eventually published in research papers, while the vast majority remains hidden in hard drives.

Young sea star
Oral surface of a juvenile sea star. 5th place in the Nikon Small World 2009.

For this reason, since my master’s thesis I participate on initiatives to explore the potential of such images for science outreach. For example, the itinerant photographic exhibit Ocean: hidden life and the online platform for marine biology Cifonauta. In addition, I always try to put my photos and videos available online:

Below you can find a few highlights of this endeavour.

Cifonauta: marine biology image database

Science outreach using images of marine organisms.
A metadata-driven database of photos and videos of the marine biodiversity. More than 12k files to explore! Link:

A sea biscuit’s life

Movie abstract I created for my master’s thesis.

Ocean: hidden life

An itinerant photographic exhibit showing corals, jellyfish and other marine creatures. Link: