Dear rock band I played bass with until the end of 2011.

In 2010 we released the album Plastic City, a mixture of hard rock, heavy metal, progressive rock embedded with a good dose of groove. The disc was officially released in the Fúria Festival together with André Matos and Sepultura in the HSBC Brasil. Listen to the album on Spotify or Bandcamp!

We also recorded a videoclip for the song From the fire:


I also enjoy composing electronic music on the computer:

Random bits

  • Colors Shifting (NeLaS Remix) | mp3 | link
  • Anima1 (loop) | mp3
  • Anima2 (loop) | mp3
  • Bubble Song (loop) | mp3 | ver jogo
  • Anima4 (loop) | mp3
  • Pattern (loop) | mp3
  • Africa (loop) | mp3
  • Dance | mp3
  • Eletro Funk | mp3
  • Popopo (hum…) | mp3
  • Pós Densidade | mp3
  • Procura | mp3